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Business people walking in the office corridor

Are sit-stand desks the solution to back pain at work?

Sit-stand desks have been hailed as the answer to back and neck pain at work, but what is the evidence that they are effective? This article from Personnel Today explores the hotly contested topic of sit stand, with comments from Colin Stuart on the matter. 

Business people walking in the office corridor“You don’t need a fancy desk to get your people to move about more, nor do you need any diktats from H
Q telling them off for sitting and building up staff resentment as a result. Employers should be looking at simple and inexpensive adjustments to office design, not great heavy pieces of kit, which in some cases are too big and expensive to be a practical solution.

By encouraging telephone conversations or video conferences to take place on foot, by offering sit stand desks, breakout spaces, privacy pods and quiet zones, workers will automatically move, stand and be more active without having to be told.”

Read the full article here.

To read more on the debate surrounding sit-stand desks, check out our White Paper ‘Stand Up for the Right to Sit Down’ and subscribe to receive future Baker Stuart White Papers here.

Colin Stuart
Colin Stuart is the founding Director of Baker Stuart and has more than 25 years’ experience in workplace analytics and consultancy. With a passion for creating spaces that work for people but based on evidence not on conjecture, Colin has helped deliver significant cost reductions whilst improving business performance and staff satisfaction.
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