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Anyone managing multi-location real estate will understand the importance of consolidating space and achieving a smaller floor plate.

This is particularly important for local Government, public sector, higher education and commercial organisations, especially in relation to disasters like flooding.

It’s crucial to understand where capacity lies; where any cost savings can be made; how locations are performing; and where teams are operating across your real estate.

Our Assets Assessment service, AssetLOOK, allows you to do more with less. Through workplace consultancy, we create an accommodation strategy that highlights capacity and helps define your estate plan. This information supports asset management across multiple buildings and identifies a strategy for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Capacity vs cost – workplace consultancy to support real-estate management

AssetLOOK conducts multi-site surveys to gather data about occupancy costs by team and by building. Making multi-site comparisons allows us to assess capacity across locations and provide advice on areas where reduction is possible.

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