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Why space utilisation studies remain key in higher education

Statistic about Space Utilisation in Higher Education

As we highlighted in a recent blog on the importance of space utilisation in higher education, challenges remain despite an increase in remote learning that has continued post pandemic. Challenges in space utilisation are not just around teaching spaces – ensuring that the quality of teaching spaces is high and that there is an appropriate […]

Is hybrid working right for my organisation?

With enforced home working during the pandemic lockdowns, many organisations realised that home working was a viable option for them and have continued to allow staff to work from home, or remotely, some or all of the time in a working style now known as hybrid working. However, not everything in the garden is rosy, […]

The Importance of Space Utilisation in Higher Education: An Overview

Introduction – Why is Higher Education Space Still in Demand You would have thought that the Covid pandemic and the rise of remote learning would have relieved the pressure on space in higher education. But it seems the opposite is true. Many universities are still clamouring for more student facing space, often driven by a […]

Is Hybrid Working the Future?

95% of office staff want some for of Hybrid Working

The world of work has changed radically. Hybrid working, a mix of working between the office and working from home is now an accepted norm for many. But is it here to stay and is it best for everyone? In this article we look at what hybrid working means and its benefits and challenges.

Future of the Workplace: The Data Driven Workplace

Future of the Workplace - The Data Driven Workplace

As we move into 2021 and look ahead to try and predict what the next trends will be within workplace strategy and what the future of the workplace will be, particularly in light of the Covid19 pandemic, it seems clear that technology has a huge role to play.  However, underlying any advances – technological or […]

Are sit-stand desks the solution to back pain at work?

Sit-stand desks have been hailed as the answer to back and neck pain at work, but what is the evidence that they are effective? This article from Personnel Today explores the hotly contested topic of sit stand, with comments from Colin Stuart on the matter.  “You don’t need a fancy desk to get your people to move about more, nor do you need any diktats from H […]

Avoiding the Desk Sentence – the dangers of Sedentary Behaviour

Colin Stuart, Managing Director of workplace consultancy, Baker Stuart, examines the dangers of long-term sedentary behaviour, explaining how changes to the workspace and company culture are vital in getting staff active. Usually when we hear shocking news, its best to be seated – but for the following you may wish to stand. In recent years, […]

Change in the Workplace –what motivates people at work?

Change in the Workplace

“For the vast majority of organisations their human capital is their most valuable and important asset… the workplace needs to be seen as an investment to unlock the value of this human capital.” Colin Stuart, Value Rhetoric and Cost Reality, 2012 Work places have evolved throughout history, but not always to the benefit of worker […]

With unlimited vacation, when will the work get done?

Unlimited Vacation

Richard Branson, the Virgin Group founder, was in the news recently as he had taken the bold move of giving his staff unlimited vacation time. But he is not the first to take such an enlightened step. A growing number of organisations are finding that by trusting their staff, the rewards to the business in […]


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Offices in London, Manchester,
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