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Be Aware – be aware of when you are at your most productive.

Be AwareEverybody is different and works in a different way. Some people genuinely are “morning” people and others “afternoon” people. Flexible working allows you to plan your day to do the more focussed tasks when you are at your peak.

Save the more mundane and easy to do tasks (such as phone calls or emails) for when your creativity is lower.

Be aware of when you are flagging and plan to take breaks, drink plenty of water and eat regularly to maintain your energy levels. You will be amazed about how much more you get done by listening to your body and understanding it’s energy cycles.

Similarly, if you identify yourself as an extrovert then make sure you’re engaging in enough social interaction to stay happy and productive, or if you’re more introverted then don’t be afraid to take yourself away to a quiet corner for part of the day.

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