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Be Organised – as you might not be returning to the same location every day you need to be very organised with your files.

Be OrganisedYou may need to carry the documents and resources you need with you so if possible file as much electronically.  Dump the junk and get rid of all unnecessary clutter.  The last thing you want to do is be carting around heavy bags!

As part of the change your organisation may be moving to more cloud based document management services to make it easier or you. Get yourself trained and make the most of it. Make use of any equipment such as hot boxes or laptop bags and rucksacks provided to make it easier to carry with you what you need.

You need to get into good habits that help you be flexible and mobile. If you are working in different locations on different days you need to be able to set yourself up quickly, access the files you need when you need them and be able to work with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

There are also security aspects to consider, making sure documents are saved in the right locations so they are secure and backed up.

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Offices in London, Manchester,
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