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Be Productive – it’s very easy when working on your own to fritter the day away doing “stuff”.

Be ProductiveBy “stuff” we mean tasks and activities that make you feel busy but do not contribute to the critical things you need to get done that day. It is especially important to avoid this when agile working is being implemented; you may not be at a desk and under direct supervision of management, which it can become easy to whittle away the day on tasks that your manager would not want you to prioritise.

One useful technique is to jot down at the start of each day everything you have in your head that you feel you need to get done.  Review that list, prioritise it and select the top 5 to 10 tasks that you really need to get done, moving all other task to a second list. Only tackle the other items when these are finished.

Try not to be distracted by emails and phone calls when working on important tasks – it is not productive or time efficient to be constantly distracted from the task at hand. Consistently stopping and starting a task will mean it takes much longer to complete overall.

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Offices in London, Manchester,
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