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The A to Z of Agile Working – An Agile Working Dictionary

An Agile Working Dictionary – Agile Working Terms Explained There are a lot of acronyms and used in Agile Working, which can be very confusing.  Here is a simple dictionary of the most often used terms to help demystify and understand agile working. This dictionary represents our view of the most often used terms however other […]

The Case for Change – The Benefits of Agile Working

Why Agile Working? We Are Faced With a Perfect Storm Everyone is talking about it, but what are the benefits of agile working and why adopt it as an organisation? The widespread adoption of agile working in the last five years has been due principally to significant changes in the type of work we are […]

What is Agile Working?

Agile Working – An Introduction This guide seeks to demystify agile working and help you find the way of working and corresponding working environment that best suits your organisation; both now and more importantly in the future – to help you find you own “agile”. It is the first part of a forthcoming series of […]

Office Toilet Provision

How many toilets do I need in my Workplace? As we discussed in our previous article on the Workplace and the Law, there are a number of regulations that relate to the provision of toilets in offices. In this guide we explore what the law and good practice says about the how many toilets you […]

Office Capacity Limits

How many people can you fit in an office? What are the legal office capacity limits? How many toilets should I have in an office? What is best practice? This guide is to help you answer those questions, to try to demystify the current rules and regulations and give you practical advice and guidance. As […]

Office Space Planning and the Law

How does the law affect office space planning? The law can quite often be a minefield and there are a number of pieces of legislation, approved codes of practice and building regulations that affect aspects of the design of office space such how many people you can fit in an office and how it is […]


Offices in London, Manchester,
Edinburgh and Dublin
Offices in London, Manchester,
Edinburgh and Dublin
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