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Developing Workplace and Estate Strategies


Your People are Your Most Valuable Asset

In delivering projects it is often the reason for the change, people themselves, who are overlooked. To move the hearts and minds, a planned, structured and consistent approach is needed to get people equipped with the skills and the right mindset to thrive in their new environment.

We provide a range of services to support and work alongside any transformational project and longer term to ensure all your stakeholders needs are addressed: 

Change Management

We will develop a detailed tailored change management plan for your unique circumstances and structure.

Stakeholder Engagement

We undertake a range of engagement activities including leadership vision sessions, workshops, focus groups and clinics to ensure everyone feels their voice is heard.

Employee Surveys

Our proprietary PeopleLOOK engagement survey allows as broad a range of people as possible to be involved in any consultation and is supported by our WorkLOOK reporting portal which enables clients to view and query their own data.

Communication Planning

A key part of the engagement strategy is the communications (comms) programme which should run for the entirety of the project with the information shifting from 'telling’ to 'training’ as awareness and desire gather momentum.

Well Approved Practitioner

We can support you in your journey to being WELL accredited by providing both IWBI approved surveys and a WELL approved practitioner.

Wellbeing Programme Assessment And Development

Our unique methodology helps clients assess and prioritise the most important wellbeing interventions as well as develop bespoke wellbeing programmes that deliver maximum benefit to their people.


Our Services


Tablet or sensor-based utilisation and activity surveys

Utilisation and activity surveys undertaken by fully trained auditors, used to gather irrefutable data about the workplace and the activities undertaken.


Staff satisfaction, perception and working pattern survey

An International Well Building Institute (IWBI) approved modular web-based survey which looks at pre, during and post Covid scenarios; captures activity, satisfaction and preferences and allows for the prediction of future office uses.


Staff engagement workshops

Our virtual workshops, focus groups and interviews use gamification techniques to raise engagement, assess team needs and to develop the vision for the future workspace and workstyles.


Filing & storage audits and reduction strategies

Storage and filing are a huge barrier to future flexible working. We conduct filing and storage audits on site whilst liaising with team representatives virtually to develop strategies for reduction and digitisation.


Detailed audit and management tool for recording managing and disposing of assets

Using trained auditors we capture all furniture, fittings, IT, audio-visual equipment and any other assets in the workplace using our purpose built AssetLOOK™ app linked to our online reporting and management portal.


Understanding your peoples’ perceptions of their wellbeing and developing targeted wellness programmes

Using our experience in employee engagement we have developed a methodology for understanding how your employees perceive their wellbeing, what matters to them the most and to help you prioritise your wellbeing initiatives and develop a robust holistic wellness programme.


Benchmarking your Property Portfolio

Our space utilisation data and space usage KPIs allow us to benchmark key space efficiency ratios, total occupancy costs and use baseline pre-Covid utilisation data to extrapolate and predict future usage. Online dashboards give you an overview of the performance of your whole workplace portfolio.

Air Quality Sensors

Realtime monitoring of your indoor air quality across multiple environmental factors

The Covid-19 pandemic has raised awareness of health, hygiene and air quality in the workplace; our environmental sensors enable you to collect tangible data so you can reassure your team and take measures to improve cognitive performance where needed.

Occupancy Sensors

Realtime data on utilisation and occupancy levels across your workspaces

With hybrid working on the rise, the monitoring of workspace has never been more important. The real time sensors and dashboard we have developed with our partners provide space usage, occupancy and capacity metrics as well as real-time alerts and trend data to help you make best use of and rationalise your office portfolio.

WorkLOOK™ Portal

Holistic reporting and overview of your engagement, surveys and property portfolio + The WorkLOOK portal captures all the data from various workplace studies into one secure and easy to use online portal. The portal captures data from the online staff surveys, filing audits, utilisation and sensor data as well as general property and lease data building an overall picture of the performance of your workplaces.

Case studies

Examples of our experience across multiple clients in multiple sectors


Offices in London, Manchester,
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