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Organisation Wide Staff Engagement and Input

Your people matter and their engagement in decisions around how they work and the creation of their workspace will not only make the end result better but also lead to improved morale and loyalty. At Baker Stuart we understand the importance of this but also of gathering rich and comprehensive data in a number of different ways to be able to cross correlate results and benchmark our data pool across multiple projects and industry standard benchmarks. This allows us to gain real insight to provide evidence-based strategies and recommendations. One of the primary engagement tools we have developed is our PeopleLOOKTM Staff Engagement Survey. We use this alongside other data collection methods such as vision session, staff workshops, focus groups and structured leadership interviews to get a rounded view of your organisation and the vision for how, when and where you want to work.


Staff Satisfaction Survey

PeopleLOOKTM is an anonymous web-based staff engagement / staff satisfaction survey designed to assess the perceived satisfaction of employees along with areas for improvement. It also incorporates psychometric elements to review in depth the personality profile of different teams to enable the future workplaces to better match team needs. PeopleLOOKTM was developed in conjunction with and is approved by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) for measuring the extent to which a building is actively promoting and providing for the health of its occupants.

It forms a key element of the Well Standard (Well V2 parts C.04 and C.05) but is also used extensively as a staff engagement tool and in the creation of hybrid working strategy, hybrid working policy and new agile and hybrid workspaces. As well as understanding your people’s views on the importance and satisfaction of various elements of their workspace , working lives and wellbeing it also looks at the breakdown of activities and time space in various locations such as the office, home and other remote locations. It is a comprehensive survey with additional modules covering team personality, wellbeing, location / travel and organisation culture.


Features and Benefits

Proactive staff engagement has been shown to delver many benefits. PeopleLOOKTM has been developed by workplace psychologists to maximise those benefits whilst being very easy to use and engaging.



Our expert team can create fully customised surveys for you. We can tailor questions to suit your needs, it is fully customisable and can be branded with your own branding and key messaging.

Access To Your Data

Our on line portal allows you to access your own data, to view and filter it however you want. You can also view and download the reports created for you and prepare additional reports tailored to your needs.


Our survey is fully anonymous, this means that staff can accurately and honestly express their views and opinions on the workplace.


We can reissue the survey in the future to understand and evaluate any changes in staff attitudes post-project, indicating trends.

Easy To Reach Staff

The survey is issued using a link which can be sent to all staff in one email. This also means that it easily reaches staff who are working remotely and can be done on a variety of devices such as laptops, phones and tablets.

Personality Profiling

We look at the personality profile at team level to allow tailoring of office design to suit the needs of different teams personalities and potential ways of working.

case studies

We have a range of examples of our experience across multiple clients in multiple sectors

As a client, you’ll have access to our custom-built portal, where you’ll be able to see how you measure up. You’ll get sector-specific insights and benchmarking to equip you with the knowledge you need.

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