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What is Really Happening in Your Workspace?

The world of work has never been more uncertain. With the advent of hybrid working, business and property managers are having to make decisions on how, when and where their people need to work without any data or precedents to base decisions on. Use of workspaces can often be very low and even more variable than before the pandemic. It is vital you understand what actually goes on in your workplace so you can get it right and provide the right types and amounts of space in the most efficient and effective manner to support your people however and wherever they are working.  

SpaceLOOK™ –
Space Utilisation and Activity survey

SpaceLOOK™ is a tablet-based survey undertaken by our fully trained surveyors. Quick and easy to deploy, it is highly accurate with in-built error checking and active monitoring by our survey manager.

Developed beyond a simple sensor or manual utilisation study, our SpaceLOOK™ tool provides critical detail and evidential data on the utilisation and activity occurring within the workplace. Supported by interpretive reports from our experienced workplace consultants, you will have access to all your data via our online survey portal.


Features and Benefits

Undertaking a space utilisation survey like our proprietary SpaceLOOKTM survey will give you a much more in-depth picture than the data you would get from a desk booking system or door access systems. It will provide data on not just how many people are in on a given day but what people are doing in your workspace, what areas are in high demand and what activities are being performed in these areas.

Accurate reporting

Our surveyors assess the true utilisation and functionality of the workspace, highlighting areas of both unusually high and low utilisation. This removes the guesswork and provides irrefutable quantitative data on how your space is performing.

Insight & Understanding

The data collected will provide you with clarity on your peoples’ agility, activities, and work patterns, meaning you can better support them. As well as full access to your data, we provide a full interpretive report giving you the key insights you need.

Decisions based on evidence

With desk utilisation at an all-time low, organisations are struggling to establish how much physical space they need. Our detailed breakdowns and data analysis will enable you to accurately determines your space requirements.

Driving efficiency

Organisations often find they have more square footage than they need. Accurate data enables them to rationalise portfolios, provide better facilities and reduce property costs.

Improve working lives

The purpose of the office has changed, SpaceLOOKTM will allow you to understand what activities are being performed in the office and to provide the right types of space to improve your peoples’ effectiveness.


Under desk sensors are not only very inaccurate but are considered intrusive by many. Surveys by our friendly fully trained surveyors are very discrete and we have found are much more accepted by our client’s people.

case studies

We have a range of examples of our experience across multiple clients in multiple sectors

As a client, you’ll have access to our custom-built portal, where you’ll be able to see how you measure up. You’ll get sector-specific insights and benchmarking to equip you with the knowledge you need.

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