A Space Utilisation and Activity Study is the physical observation of people and the activities they are undertaking in fixed locations within a working environment. The results of the study provide management information on the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of a space, allowing businesses to make informed real estate decisions, which support the needs of the business and its future plans.

Space Utilisation and Activity Studies focus on observing and monitoring both the use of and activity undertaken in fixed locations or spaces in a workplace. The Baker Stuart survey is conducted by our team of professional Surveyors who record their observations on tablet devices, which minimises errors and speeds up reporting. Our surveys are detailed and record not just utilisation of space but also the activity observed (including “beach towelling”, which is when a space is not physically occupied but has been rendered unusable by others).

Baker Stuart’s Space Utilisation and Activity Study process not only provides you with comprehensive data on your workspace and detailed heat maps of your use of your space, but also provides interpretation of the data with narrative and guidance, allowing you to make the best use of the information obtained.

Applying our proprietary ‘SpaceLOOK’ toolkit and methodology we can:

We provide SpaceLOOK directly to clients, typically through their Real Estate, Property or Facilities Management teams. We have worked with a range of private and public sector, educational and charity sector clients.


Offices in London, Manchester,
Edinburgh and Dublin
Offices in London, Manchester,
Edinburgh and Dublin
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