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Developing Workplace and Estate Strategies – Maximising the use of your workspaces and helping your people thrive

Our relationship to the workplace has radically changed in recent years, giving us the opportunity to take a leap forward. To get best results and decide how, when, and where your people should work, you need to take a holistic and strategic approach. We can help you navigate the journey of deciding your best direction, developing your future working strategy, and creating the optimum environments for your people to do their best work.


The Benefits of Setting the Right Strategy

We have helped many organisations implement hybrid working in the public and private sectors and have seen significant benefits to the organisation, its people, customers and partners. The key benefits of a more hybrid approach include: 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Meet your net zero goals by introducing flexible work patterns, which also enables you to shrink your real estate footprint, cut costs and emissions and to reduce the need for travel.

A Sense of Community

Your property assets can do so much more for you and your stakeholders. Rather than just providing a sea of unused desks, use your spaces to foster a connection with the wider community by supporting local organisations, businesses and individuals and adding value to your area.

Performance & Productivity

Empower your team to work smarter and give them the tools to do so. Make sure your workplace supports the way people want to work and the activities they need to perform day-to-day.


Promote better mobility and work-life balance for your teams through the provision of improved facilities, increased flexibility and a greater choice of work settings.

Retention, Attraction & Absenteeism

Creating an environment that reflects what people truly want and need in the workplace will not only help you to attract and retain the best talent, it will also ensure that they look forward to coming to work.


Streamlining your operation with the optimum facilities in the right locations saves on costs and waste and results in improved performance.


Our Services

Building on our data-led approach and utilising our WorkLOOK analytics, we provide a range of consultancy services to help you develop and implement strategies for how your people will work best, whether that is through hybrid working, agile working within the office and/or more flexible working hours, or even a simple reconfiguration of your office to make it work harder for you. 

WorkLOOK™ Workplace Analytics
A comprehensive range of analytics to deliver data-lead strategies for your business

We have developed our own set of analytical tools to understand what happens in your working environment, your employees’ perceptions, satisfaction and needs and your future requirements.

Hybrid Working / Flexible Working Strategy
Developing holistic strategies to ensure you maximise the benefits

Effective hybrid working is not just about getting your workplace right. An effective smart working / hybrid working strategy needs to encompass the workplace, the home, IT, access to records and data, HR policy, etiquettes and training and support for your people. We help you develop the most effective strategies for you.

Hybrid Working Policy
Helping you develop the right principles and policies for hybrid working

One size definitely does not fit all where hybrid working is concerned. It’s critical to get your policies right to ensure everyone feels they are treated fairly, whatever their role or seniority. We have supported a range of different organisations across public and private sectors to develop appropriate hybrid and flexible working policies.

Workplace Strategy
Ensuring your workplace supports your people and their activities

Whether you have one premises or many, its vital that your spaces are appropriately designed to encourage interaction and collaboration and to support the various activities being undertaken by your teams. Using your data, we will develop a bespoke workplace strategy designed to help your business thrive.

Estates Strategy
The right properties in the best locations for you, your people and your customers

Is your property portfolio working hard for your business and supporting your strategic goals? We can help you develop your overall estate strategy to optimise efficiency, productivity and organisational performance.

Implementation / Relocation Strategy
Planning of your entire project or relocation

A move to hybrid working or relocation of your facilities needs to be handled with care and planned in detail to ensure that everyone is aligned. We can support you throughout the process, backfilling your team where you may not have the skills in house and providing overall leadership where required.

Change Strategy / Change Management
Equipping your people to work effectively through change and to embrace the outcomes

Without effective organisational change management, company transitions can be rocky and expensive in terms of both time and resources; they can also result in lower employee morale. Change management drives the successful adoption within the business, and allows employees to understand and commit to the shift with both their hearts and minds.

Concept Design and Design Guides
Data driven concepts and standards enabling you to create the optimum spaces for your people in any location

We will translate your data into spatial and visual concepts and provide a set of recommendations on how to apply design principles to create a positive user experience.

Space Planning
Translating data into the building blocks of the physical space

Space planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process. It starts with an in-depth analysis of how the space is to be used, defines the zones and the activities that will take place in them, and defines the circulation patterns that people will use to move through the space.

Space Budgeting and Search Brief
Establishing your true space requirement

Using the data we have gathered we will provide detailed recommendations on the types and quantities of space your organisation needs, so the search for a new property and the decision on which to take will be based on evidence rather than guesswork.

Design Brief and Employers Requirements
Getting the workspace you need and maximising value

Using the detailed quantitative and qualitative data collected, we will develop not only your workplace brief, but also a detailed set of requirements which defines the success of any fit-out or refurbishment project. Employer's Requirements can range from a very simple specification to a fully developed performance specification and concept design. The more detailed and better prepared they are, the more accurate the price from the contractor will be, and the less likely that there will be disputes down the line.

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