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Work related stress and mental health often go together.

bs-tiles-text18Stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 11.3 million lost working days in 2014 due to work-related ill health. An office space designed with employees in mind can be a less stressful environment.

Providing a workplace with lots of natural light, communal spaces and adding a bit of greenery can go a long way to improving employee wellbeing and reducing stress. Communal spaces will also encourage a more relaxed approach to work.

To really be effective, however, we need to have a holistic approach; looking at not just the physical environment but corporate culture, management style, flexible working hours and employee wellness programmes.

Offices need to be designed with employees in mind to create a stimulating environment and engaging, nurturing culture – a true ’employee centric workspace’.

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Offices in London, Manchester,
Edinburgh and Dublin
Offices in London, Manchester,
Edinburgh and Dublin
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