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Typically, staff costs equate to 80% to 90% of an organisations operational costs whereas often less than 10% is spent on property.

bs-tiles-17With the increasing focus on driving office space efficiency are we in danger of ignoring how we maximise the effectiveness of our people.

With staff costs almost 10 times that of property costs they logically are our most important asset and this is where the focus should be. Improvements in the workspace lead to improvements in job satisfaction and productivity.

This combined with an adoption of a more flexible working patterns will not only reduce absenteeism due to dissatisfaction with the workplace but also absence caused by stress and clashes between work and family life.

Add this to the corresponding drop in attrition levels from happy and valued employees and significant reductions in staff costs can be achieved as well as more efficient and better designed office space.

You can have your cake and eat it!

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Offices in London, Manchester,
Edinburgh and Dublin
Offices in London, Manchester,
Edinburgh and Dublin
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