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Read our white papers on workplace strategy, agile working, move management and change management. Instructions on how to get them are at the bottom of the page.

All Present – but Correct? A White Paper on Presenteeism

Presenteeism White PaperThis paper looks at looks at two contrasting workplace cultures: presenteeism and results-orientated working, and considers how to cultivate a culture which benefits employees and the bottom line simultaneously.




Sound Advice: A White Paper on Office Noise

This paper looks at how office noise hampers productivity, the problem with the Open Plan Office, the impacts of office noise, noise and personality types, headphones in the office, and suggests some possible solutions to office noise.



Stressed Out: How to manage Workplace Stress

White Paper Workplace Stress Baker Stuart PDFThis paper looks at how workplace stress leads to physical illness, and how that can be managed. We look at the impacts of workplace stress, how employees can combat workplace stress themselves, and the important contributions of management and organisations in reducing workplace stress..



Standing Desks: Stand Up for the Right to Sit Down

White Paper Standing Desks Baker Stuart PDFThis paper looks at the question that many HR professionals are asking; studies suggest that sitting is tied to higher mortality, but is standing at your desk for long periods really the answer? Jessica Andrews looks at recent research on both sides of the argument – the case against sitting, and the case against standing. She then puts forward an alternative approach to resolving the sedentary debate in the workplace.


A 4-day Working Week?

White Paper Standing Desks Baker Stuart PDFThis paper looks at six reasons why companies should consider introducing a four-day working week. We describe what a four-day workweek looks like and suggest how companies can take the first steps towards taking advantage of the benefits of a new approach to employee time management.




I Quit! Costs, Causes and How to Combat Attrition

White Paper - Cost of Staff AttritionThis paper looks at the costs of staff attrition, investigates the causes of attrition, and describes how office design can help reduce staff attrition and save you money.




We are writing white papers to look at workplace strategy, agile working, move management and change management in more detail than we can on the blog. These white papers are free to download and if you want to know when new white papers are published, subscribe and we’ll let you know. Just sign up to receive our blog posts in your email inbox and we’ll send you a link to download them.



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