Sound Advice

Office noise can be worse than it sounds. From the piercing cry of a small baby to the distant rumble of thunder over the hills, sound is notorious in its ability to provoke a range of physical, physiological and psychological responses in humans. Whilst it’s unlikely that your average office worker is going to be faced with the shrieks of a new born in the workplace, many other forms of noise are ever present in the modern-day office and the problems associated with noise should not be ignored or underestimated. Troubles with noise are not new to our time; texts written around 3500-1750 BC preach of how the God, Enlil, angered by the noise of a crowded city, flooded the area to resolve the noise problem1. Fortunately for us, since the Industrial Revolution, empirical research has been conducted to identify more reasonable solutions to alleviate noise in the workplace.

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Sound Advice

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