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Ten Top Tips for Working from home: Be Active - One of the perks of home working - even under the circumstances - is the flexibility in terms of structuring your own time. Make sure you take 20-30 minutes a day to move around or do some light exercise. As you will be not be having face to face meetings, you will be sitting for much longer periods than usual, so this is even more important during lockdown. Keeping physically active helps keep you alert, productive and healthy. You should also try and get out in the fresh air once a day (provided you’re not in isolation and you follow the government’s advice on social distancing).Be Active – No matter where we’re working from, it’s clear that we have to stay active to stay healthy. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the rise in obesity and cancer rates in the West mirrors the rise in more sedentary behaviour in the office and at home, so perhaps this is the perfect time to reconsider our daily activities.

In addition, being active can refresh the mind and break up the day. Why not schedule in 20-30 minutes of yoga or a jog around the block before you have lunch? Or perhaps some pilates at the end of a long day? We can’t emphasise enough the benefits of these small changes. As doctor Mike Evans puts it, can you limit your sitting and sleeping to just 23.5 hours per day?

  • Make sure you take 20-30 minutes a day to move around or do some light exercise
  • Take a break at lunchtime, go into a different room for a set time. Do not be tempted to grab something quickly from the fridge and work through
  • 7 and a half hours of good, alert, productive work is better than 8 and a half (or more) when you are feeling tired, sluggish and lacking in energy


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