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Ten Top Tips for Working from Home: Be Aware - Be aware of your own mental health and wellbeing. Remote working comes with specific mental health concerns, but with Covid-19 and all the stress and uncertainty that comes with it, there is an even greater need to take care of your mental health. Keep checking in with yourself and your colleagues. Using technology to create a sense of community will help make you feel you still belong to the team which is a really important social support element. You should also make sure you know who to talk to in the organisation and what your organisation can offer to help you through this time.Be Aware – Your mental health and wellbeing are your greatest resource. There’s no doubt that these are exceptional circumstances to be working through, but if the workplace wellbeing agenda has taught us anything, it’s that mental health is what underpins our abililty to do our jobs, and live healthy fulfilling lives. When we’re challenged by new circumstances, high stress levels and uncertainty, it is vital that we have an awareness of our wellbeing levels, both individually, but also as a team.

Looking after our wellbeing also encompasses looking after our physical health, our relationships and support systems, our nutrition, sleep hygiene and our feelings of connection to a wider community. Many organisations will already have invested in online wellbeing platforms or seminars on various aspects of wellbeing, so if you have these at your disposal, now is the time to use them if you haven’t already been doing so.

If you are struggling, then make sure you know who to talk to in your organisation to get help. A first port of call might be to see if any of your colleagues are trained Mental Health First Aiders – but don’t be afraid to talk to your colleagues more generally. The likelihood is that we’re all struggling with something, and part of a successful working community is this reciprocal support. Do take the time to seek out other resources and independent support if you need it.

And – always remember that it is still possible to thrive under challenging circumstances! Perhaps you find that not having to commute gives you time to cook fresh, healthy meals each day; or that you have more time for exercise or meditation. These are all things that will contribute to your wellbeing and can make you more resilient in the face of increased stress, anxiety and uncertainty.


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