Ten Top Tips for Working from Home: Be Engaged - If you have designated time to work, then make sure that - where possible - you commit to the work. Try to mimic your work environment and switch off the news, social media and other distractions. Engaging with your workload will help to maintain productivity and will also allow you to make a clear distinction between work and downtime, as opposed to continually feeling like you are working or need to be working. Be Engaged – When you set aside time that is designated for working then it’s important that – as much as is possible – you commit to the work. Whilst there are distractions in any work environment, not least the office, it is easy when working alone to lose track of time spent on distractions such as the news, social media and any number of other things. All these can lead you to feeling like you have spent a lot of time ‘at work’ without achieving your goals for the day.

Through engagement with your workload you can help yourself to maintain a high level of productivity; you might even find that you are able to focus more easily than in the office where there are other people competing for your attention and that you are able to produce higher quality of work in less time.

Engaging completely with the work at hand, and then having distinct non-working time will also enable you to maintain a work life balance which can be difficult when you are not used to doing everything in the same space. It’s important to ensure that you don’t continually feel like you are working or need to be working.

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