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Ten Top Tips for Working from home: Be Equipped - Make sure you are equipped with the technology you need to work from home. If you need help or equipment don’t be afraid to ask your employer or use online training and support. One of the most common issues is a slow home broadband connection. A quick tip is to look at how many devices are connected (your mobile, TV, iPad, Alexa etc) – as these will all slow down your Wi-Fi. Most routers have an ethernet (wired) port, so see if you can connect directly to this with your laptop (typically using an RJ45 connector).Be Equipped – Technology. It’s our best friend, but it can also be a source of stress in the workplace. It’s thanks to the technology we have available that so many of us can work from home and stay connected to each other in such an isolating time, so we should be really grateful for that.

Nonetheless, there are common tech problems that will crop up at the worst times – like when you’re in self-isolation, trying to dial in to a meeting. Make sure you know who to contact at your organisation if you have any tech issues, and don’t be afraid to ask for equipment, help, or online training. If our tech doesn’t work, we can’t work, so make sure you have what you need.


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