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Ten Top Tips for Working from home: Be Organised - When working from home, its really important to keep on top of your time management. Make sure you intentionally structure your time using a schedule, goals and designated timeframes - rather than drifting through the working day. Where possible start at a set time, take lunch at a set time and finish at a set time. This will help keep you motivated and engaged day to day and week to week.Be Organised – It’s really important to keep on top of your time management when you are working from home. It is far too easy to lose track of time, and for a whole day to disappear. Whilst this can happen in the office, it seems much easier when you are in your own environment with distractions such as family, social media and even the ongoing news reports.

It’s key to structure your time to avoid drifting. Use a schedule, make a list of your goals and designate timeframes to keep you on track. This can be done using simple technology built into your email systems; your calendar, tasks and notes. It can be done using any one of a number of productivity apps specially designed to keep you organised (such as MS planner which is built in to MS Team, Wunderlist or ToDoIst – see below for some links). Or it can be done with pen and paper the old-fashioned way!

According to one survey, 33% of remote workers reported that the most effective way for them to stay productive was to have set working hours, whether these were self-imposed or

set by their employer. Starting at a set time, taking lunch at a set time – much as you would in the office environment – and finishing at a set time are all key to keeping you organised.

And bear in mind that this has to work for you, so this might be an opportunity to start earlier and finish earlier – if you’re organised then the work might even get done faster!

However you choose to organise yourself, find a system that works for you and stick to it. A consistent approach can help to keep you on track as you adjust to working from home.


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