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.en Top Tips for Working from home: Be Visible In a recent study*, nearly 1 in 5 remote workers said that their biggest struggle is loneliness. Working away from all of your colleagues over an extended period of time carries an even greater risk of isolation. Ensure you compensate for the distance by keeping in regular contact with your team. Schedule regular Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype meetings; and use chat apps or even use the phone. Just don’t rely solely on impersonal email! Be Visible – Just because you’re physically isolated doesn’t mean you should be socially isolated. It’s so important to maintain connections with your colleagues. This will obviously

help you work together more effectively; but is also important for your own sense of purpose and motivation in your working day. There are so many fantastic ways to communicate, like Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype. There are also some great fully integrated digital workplace services like Slack and Microsoft Teams – and all of these can help you feel like you’re in contact, connected, and productive. Alternatively smart phones apps such as WhatsApp or Facetime can be just as effective.

A great tip is to schedule regular catch ups. Even if you don’t have anything urgent or specific to discuss, checking in with colleagues and discussing what you’re working on, where you’re up to and any issues you might be facing, is always a good thing. You should also schedule regular communication with your line manager, if appropriate. This isn’t meant to be a form of surveillance, but a way to stay connected and accountable – it can really help with motivation and focus if you know you have a call coming up with some tasks to be completed.

Scheduling regular contact just to touch base (a virtual coffee or even a virtual beer / wine on a Friday afternoon!) is also a great opportunity to get the informal input you might have got from other team members when you shared a workspace. Since you’re no longer bumping into people in office, or having informal chats while you make your tea, you have to be intentional about creating the space for those kinds of exchanges.


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