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Baker Stuart Workplace Consultants, have developed a unique suite of analytical tools to help designers and interior refurbishment consultants really understand how their clients’ businesses operate so they can right size and reinvent their office space.

Workplace Analytics – What does SnapLOOK™ do for you?

SnapLOOKTM provides you with a quick, high-level viewpoint into how an organisation is operating by collecting a range of data from multiple sources. We provide useful insights into your client’s people and their space, upon which you can build a robust business case and design brief. The SnapLOOKTM package of services has been put together to offer designers a quick, cost effective and informative solution, at a very competitive cost of only £5K per study.*

So what is included?


The SpaceLOOK study provides you with evidential data on the utilisation and activity occurring at fixed office locations within the office accommodation, which can be analysed in detail to help define sharing ratios, meeting room requirements and types of alternative workspace. We do this by surveying the floor plate at hourly intervals across a 3 day period.


ActivityLOOKTM provides an innovative insight into how well a workplace functions, through the analysis and assessment of workplace activity and staff interactions. We do this by monitoring, recording and assessing human behaviour, by way of an observational study and by observing body language. ActivityLOOKTM allows you to understand workplace activity that takes place at non fixed locations; i.e. lift lobbies, corridors, stair wells, outside of meeting rooms etc. this allows you to tap into this behaviour and its meaning.


We engage with the client’s employees via our web based workplace satisfaction and performance survey. Our questionnaire has been developed to gather information from employees on their perceptions of the workplace. Your client is issued with our standard list of workplace questions to be completed within a period of 2 weeks. The data will then be analysed and presented to you in the form of a report.


Defining a Client’s requirements is a critical part of the process. Our Workplace Consultants conduct five one-hour face-to-face interviews with key staff members, or small teams of up to five people, in an interview setting. These surveys are conducted to understand the needs, desires and aspirations of the company.

Optional WorkLOOK™ extras

SnapLOOK also has the capabilities for optional bolt-ons to provide to provide you with a more in depth study tailored to your organisation’s needs. Optional extras are as follows:

Find Out More

For more information and pricing on the SnapLOOK toolkit, please contact us.

Find out more about the rest of the WorkLOOK Toolkit  and our other services.

*The pricing of the SnapLOOKTM study has been based upon one location/floorplate of up to 150 staff.


Offices in London, Manchester,
Edinburgh and Dublin
Offices in London, Manchester,
Edinburgh and Dublin
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