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Ten Top Tips for Working from Home: Be Flexible - You’ll need to be flexible when working from home, especially if you have additional caring responsibilities at home. One of the most common issues people are now facing is balancing home schooling for young children whilst also working from home. One solution is to check with your line manager if you are able to work flexible hours and fit other responsibilities in the home around your work tasks – and don’t be afraid to ask in these exceptional circumstances.Be Flexible – Many of us will have responsibilities in the home that we’re trying to re- calibrate around our home working. Since these are such unprecedented shifts in the way we work, a lot of this is uncharted territory for your employer too. Of course, many workplaces have implemented flexible working policies, or allow people to work from home once or twice a week; but the scale of the shift and having no face to face contact with colleagues is something we have never seen before, or so suddenly!

The key message here is not to be afraid to talk to your employer if you’re finding it difficult. As we settle into the ‘new normal’ (for now, at least) you also need to be flexible with yourself – don’t beat yourself up if you can’t keep a rigid schedule because you have young kids at home, for example. Take a moment and think about different ways that it could work

– with the input of your employer if necessary – but just be patient with the growing pains of working from home.

This could be a great opportunity to work to a schedule that suits you much better. One that allows you to fit around not just your home life much more but also your natural cycles of productivity. Not a morning person – well perhaps you could adjust your hours and work on into the evening? However, as mentioned elsewhere, be careful to keep boundaries between your work and your home life otherwise it can feel relentless.


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